Sunday, 23 September 2012

Floqua is released

Our summer students have now finished their 9 weeks work. We are very proud of what they have achieved. We have released version 1 of Floqua on Google Play with 12 introductory levels and we will soon be releasing the next level set. The Complex City apps website is now active where you can find out more about the project and the scientific research that has been used in Floqua. 

Floqua Level 6 Screenshot
A Floqua level in progress


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  2. I like the icon: very nice and easy to recognise.
    Probably needs som UI work. High scores needs to be cleared by "Ok", not "back". Also control of fish not quite comfortable. I recommend reading about Android guidelines on app construction. Small yellow fish can get locked into oscillating loop. Skip and replay buttons should be bigger. Jeff Rollason AI Factory

  3. Another input! game should be silent if phone/pad goes into power save or switched off. This is a Google no-no to have any sound after that. As for input, look at "Sheep dog" for input control (not one of ours, but control works well there)